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BNI generated in excess of £100,000 for us last year alone and is a fundamental element of our business growth strategy. Keith Paterson

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BNI Merseyside 2020 Vision

On the year 2020 BNI Merseyside represents over 1000 local businesses. Helping each BNI group generate over £1m of invoiced business from referrals.

BNI Merseyside is the number one region across Europe, with our primary focus targeted at helping members make more money from referrals. Our goal is to help members build a better business through the skills and support provided by BNI.

BNI Merseyside has the finest team of leadership teams and director support who follow the 'Givers Gain' philosophy. It must be in their blood to work with us and understand that our members are paramount to this organisation.


We DO BNI because it allows us to provide visibility for our companies and in turn, visibility as business leaders in our field.

We DO BNI because of the satisfaction generated when our members win business, gain confidence and grow their organisation.

We DO BNI because it's a perfect place to practice the art of helping others and in return, we win too.

We GIVE back to the community by allowing each group to select a charity of their choice with the main gola to generate over £250,000 worth of donations. See our charity board coming soon.


How will we make this vision happen?

We are currently one of the top regions in the world, generating over £23m last year, as well as winning several best performance awards for our members.

We cannot achieve the 2020 Vision alone, we will have the right people with us along the way - creating a quality team to work with us.

Asentiv was launched in the second quarter of 2015, providing the world's finest referral marketing coaching and masterminding, which will give us the edge in true referral marketing. BNI because it's a perfect place to practice the art of helping others and in return, we win too.