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Who is involved?

Key Executives of the Asentiv include Senior Partner, Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D. and Partner and President, Michael Macedonio. In addition to the partners, the organisation is made up of dozens of Franchise owners and over 100 certified trainers. Terry Hamill, Dave Verburg & Jacky Hamill represent Asentiv ® Merseyside.


What is Asentiv’s relationship with BNI?

Asentiv and BNI have a strategic alliance relationship and have actively been promoting each other for over 13 years. Many of the individuals involved in Asentiv are also involved in BNI. Not to mention some of the strongest groups have many of their members complete the (Certified Networker Program®)

Does Asentiv have special privileges in BNI?

Asentiv and BNI have a strategic alliance relationship and have actively been promoting each other for over 14 years. Many of the individuals involved in the Asentiv are also involved in BNI. Not to mention some of the strongest groups have many of their members complete the (Certified Networker Program®)

What is required to become a Asentiv certified coach/trainer?

The first requirement to train Asentiv material is to either own a Asentiv Franchise or become certified to deliver the material on behalf of an Asentiv Franchise Owner.

Typically trainers/coaches working for franchise owners will first take the programs as a student and show results implementing the material. Once someone has become successful with the material as a student and they desire to get more involved they are given the opportunity to implement the same marketing techniques representing Asentiv. At this point the prospective trainer will attend trainer certification put on by Asentiv headquarters and have the opportunity to train Asentiv material.

Can an Director Consultant become a Asentiv Certified Coach / Franchisee?

Yes they can, but only with the recommendation of the Executive Director. Many Director Consultants have other fulltime jobs. If a Director Consultant were to choose being a referral trainer as a career, this could be a good opportunity for them to recommend BNI to their clients and in their marketing efforts. For anyone to pursue a Asentiv franchise or certification they must first be referred by a Asentiv franchise owner or a BNI franchise owner. This referral process gives BNI Executive Directors input on who is training in their area and gives Asentiv pre-screened prospects. This process will also give a greater probability of a strong relationship between BNI and the Asentiv in the local area.

As you know we help business owners build their business by building strong business relationships that in turn generate quality referrals. Well, it probably isn’t a shock to hear that’s how we market our business. Most clients will be recommended by either a Asentiv franchise owner or a franchise owner of our strategic alliance BNI, Business Network International.

What commitments have the Asentiv made to BNI?

There are several commitments that Asentiv ® has made with BNI. Asentiv has put into its franchise agreements the local Asentiv franchisee must have a supportive position toward BNI.

Why doesn’t BNI offer this kind of referral training?

BNI offers outstanding training on how to be successful with networking in the BNI context. Asentiv offers bespoke focused training & coaching that reinforces what BNI teaches and additionally shows their clients how to effectively network with other networks such as Chambers, clients, vendors and strategic partners. There are many other areas of training that BNI could offer that would be valuable to the members, however BNI has chosen to stay true to it’s mission. In doing so BNI has grown into the world’s largest business referral organization. Staying true to the BNI mission allows BNI to stay focused on running professional business referral groups and allowed them to refer business to other specialists such as sales trainers and referral trainers.




Since September 2015 Asentiv Merseyside has supported BNI Members in generating in excess of over £250,000 of business by using skills and techniques they have developed by being part of the Asentiv Merseyside community.

Helping our clients work in a more targeted fashion is key to what we do so our victories are not just financial.


 "He dug and dug and dug and we worked it out and has given me   direction."

George Dixon Spain


"I set a turnover target of £100,000 with the tools I've learned from Dave we've reached £120,000 for the last year."

Keith Paterson


"Working with Asentiv has been massive for me."

Paul Furlong


"It's been interesting, its been a challenge and thank you Dave"

Rob Young


We are personally excited about continuing to support BNI Merseyside members businesses across Merseyside and we are passionate about supporting Kath and her team to make BNI Merseyside the number one region in the Country again!

For more information then please visit the Asentiv Website or contact Dave Verburg  


Dave Verburg

Jacky Hamill

Terry Hamill