Links BNI - Formby
Meeting Day: Thursday, 6:45 AM
Meeting Location:
Hillside Golf Club
Hastings Road
Member Count: 26
President: Christine Penman
Tel: 01515450808
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Vice President: Brian Spencer
Tel: 01695 556448
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Secretary / Treasurer: Antony Howe
Tel: 01704509550
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Chapter Director Consultant: Paul Furlong
Tel: 0333 358 3335
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Chapter Area Director Consultant: David Verburg
Tel: 07921 576694
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Would you like more customers?

The BNI Merseyside networking groups including BNI Links Formby has been proven to work year after year in generating new business for our members. The philosophy is simple.  BNI Merseyside and BNI Links Formby limits membership to one person only from each trade/profession.

This is the perfect opportunity to grow your business with BNI Links and lock out your competition from joining.

Over £1,113,553 of invoiced business was generated by BNI Links Formby members for each other over the past year!

Growing your business with BNI Links

The best way to find out about a BNI Merseyside business networking meeting is to visit a local group such as BNI Links.  You will be made to feel most welcome. At BNI Links Formby you will meet people from all trades and professions with one thing in common.  They are all growing their businesses via recommendations or ‘word of mouth’ and BNI Links Formby is the ideal business networking group to make this happen.

There is no obligation to join BNI Links Formby.  Many visitors win business on their first visit as collegues within BNI Links Formby recommend each other to their contacts. Typically, they also choose to use the collegues they know and trust within BNI Merseyside and BNI Links Formby.

Many people who join BNI Links Formby find they do not need to advertise elsewhere anymore as they generate all their new business through the BNI Merseyside business networking groups. Find out what you are missing out on and fill in the contact form to arrange a visit today.

Arrange A Visit To BNI Links

Call 0141 842 1934 or complete your details below to arrange a visit to BNI Links Formby: 




Chapter Speakers

01/25/2018 : Robert Burwood, 10 Minute Presentation

02/01/2018 : Richard Entwistle, 10 Minute Presentation

02/08/2018 : John Baybut, 10 Minute presentation

02/15/2018 : Alex Warner, 10 Minute presentation